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Unique and inimitable flavors. The result of a thousand years of history, made up of peoples, individuals, expert cheese-making.
We have our products, but also unique products selected by us among the best excellence of our territory: meats, sweet and savory pastries, jams, wines, beers, distillates and more.

The royal cheeses of the Orobian Mountains

The royal Cheeses of the Orobian Mountains

The association Royal Cheeses of the Orobian Mountains (FPO) was formed in 2015 after an incubation within the Fiera di San Matteo in Branzi and the initiation of concrete joint initiatives to promote the FPO and the territory. The association is structured as a network of businesses open to all the producers. It represents seven productions with documented historicity made in the provinces of Bergamo, Sondrio and Lecco in the Orobie, a region characterized by a dense and diverse presence of prestigious technology and dairy cultures that contributed decisively to the birth of the modern Italian and Lombard dairy.

The main aim of the Association is not the business promotion but is the development of cultural, environmental and human resources of Orobie territory, or the development of the heritage of the vital agricultural, pastoral and dairy traditions whose FPO are expression. This requires a close cooperation with the stakeholders of tourism and with local associations as the cultural one.

These are excellent products that have a close connection to the territory of the Orobie; They are the result of seven business realities: farm Quarteroni Ferdy in Lenna (BG), Casarrigoni in Taleggio (BG), Latteria Sociale in Branzi (BG), Latteria Sociale in Valtorta (BG), farm Guglielmo Locatelli in Vedeseta (BG), Cooperativa Sant’Antonio in Vedeseta (BG) and Bitto Trading in Gerola Alta (SO).

For centuries the Oxonian Prealps - between Bergamo, Sondrio e Lecco - have been making cheeses of excellent quality and appreciated all over the world.

Today Agrì di Valtorta, Bitto storico, Branzi FTB, Formai de Mut dell’Alta Valle Brembana, Stracchino all’antica delle Valli Orobiche, Strachitunt Valtaleggio and Formaggi di Capra Orobica are presented together under the “Royal cheeses of the Orobian mountains” mark.
To value more that mountain that has seen them to grow up and to enforce in front of the world the common identity of extraordinary products.

Our production

Our products

From the effort and the hands of the cheesemakers… the cheese.
Milk, rennet, fire and art.
Over the centuries, the splendid nobility of simple things…

Our cheese factory, specialized in the production of the historic Branzi cheese, uses traditional processing methods but at the same time keeping pace with the development of modern gastronomy.
We try to satisfy every taste: lovers of fresh cheeses such as ricotta cheese and Botticello, lovers of the summer productions of the hard work in the mountain pastures, including the Mascherpa d’Alpe and Formai de Mut. Almost impossible to find the particular Fiurit, the exquisite bloom of serum served with the polenta croutons.
The innovation of technology, the use of our milk that is an excellent raw material, and the genius of Midali family have created traditional and delicious products as our traditional puddings, panna cotta and yogurt, in addition to delicious Bésse de Brans.

Our selection

In addition to our products, at the “Baita dei Saperi e dei Sapori” you can find and taste also many other local products directly selected by us.
Together with our products, our selections represent all the gastronomic delights among cheeses, meat and cold cuts, jams, mushrooms, wines and more, to live typical traditions and experience new culinary experience connected with the territory.


Dairy product: Goat’s Yogurt (La Peta)
Herbed: Strachitunt (Az. Agricola Locatelli), Zola (Bortolotti), Zola Malghese (Angelo Croce), Goat’s Celtic Zola (La Via Lattea)
Soft cheese: Agrì (Latteria sociale di Valtorta), Primo Sale Rosetta, Stracchino, Strachinel (Giovanni Invernizzi), Antico (Az. Agricola Locatelli), Gess (Arnoldi Livio), Roccolo (Casa Arrigoni), Caprino Freschì (Az. Agricola Cornello dei Felice) e Delizie di capra (La via Lattea)
Semi-hard cheese: Bitto (Consorzio del Bitto Storico della Val Gerola), Formagella di Bossico (Paolo Chiarelli)
Hard cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano (Consorzio Vacche Rosse Casello 101), Grana Padano (our selection)



Brune Alpine Cow (Vacca Bruna Alpina): Bresaolina orobica (Corticelli), Slinzega (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro)
Orobian Goat (Capra Orobica): Cacciatore (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro)
Pork: Pancetta, Coppa (Az. Agricola Locatelli), Cacciatore, Salame, (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro), Crudo (Ca’ del Botto)
Horsemeat: Slinzega, Cacciatore (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro)
Sheep: Cacciatore (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro)
Donkey: Cacciatore (Az. Agr. Cavagna Mauro)

Other products

Sweet and savory pastries: Bigio Cookies (Pasticceria Bigio), Cheese Branzi sticks (Corticelli), Mais Biscuit (CS Agricoltura), Mixture bread (Panificio Midali)
Jam: FTB, della Fara,
Giardiniera: Giardiniera di Morgan (I 5 sensi)
Mushrooms: ftb (dried and oil)
Chestnuts in syrup: FTB
Aromatic salts: FTB
Black truffle sauce of Bracca (Ass. Tartufai Valle Brembana)
Drinks: Beers (Birrificio via Prilua, Zago), Wines (Il Calepino Casa Virginia, Tenuta Vinea), Passiti (Il Biava), Bitter (distillerie Zini) and Grappe (FTB)
Coffee (ArtCaffè)
Polenta: Mulino di Baresi (Ass. Maurizio Gervasoni)
Three Mais (CS Agricoltura)
Integralbianco (Panificio Midali)
Ravioli: royals Cheeses of Orobian mountains Ravioli (Pastificio Orobico)