Branzi FTB protagonist of territory cuisine

About traditional and territory cuisine, the recipes that are known e practiced by the people for habits and tradition are authentic.
It doesn’t exist just one single recipe: the quantities and the proceedings change, from a place to another, from a family to another, just like what happens regarding the different forms of a local language, spoken with different words even in close villages.

But the best traditional recipes are always made by ingredients that are excellent among the products of a territory. Branzi FTB, for Bergamo territory, is one of these excellences: its distinctive flavor, given by the raw cow milk collected from small mountain farms scattered throughout the territory of the valley and the neighboring areas, is combined with the delicate and soft creamy texture that makes it ideal for any preparation, with rustic polenta taragna or for more contemporary interpretations.

The great chefs of our area are well aware of this, that are going to introduce us to some of their best recipes characterized by the FTB Branzi cheese, appreciated by gourmets all around the world.

Enrico Cerea

Chef Enrico Cerea
di Relais “da Vittorio”

Branzi FTB seasoned 180 days.
polenta with chestnut,
egg yolk
toast and butter brown

Serves 6
For the chestnut polenta:
1 liter of milk
12 liter of water
150 g of chestnut flour
100 g of semolina
50 g of sugar
100 g of butter
500 g of seasoned FTB Branzi
(180 days)
(12 loaf homemade
drained and crumbled)
Salt enough

Combine milk and water with salt and sugar, bring to a boil, add flour and semolina and mix with a whisk. Cook the polenta for about 30 minutes, stirring.
With the help of the slicer, cut the FTB Branzi in slices with a thickness of about 34 mm.
In a pan, brown and toast the bread with a little butter.
Assemble the meal putting the polenta, then the slices of FTB Branzi and the egg yolk in the center, sprinkle with crispy bread and sprinkle it all with brown butter flavored with sage.

Gnocco filled with Branzi FTB fondue

Serves 6
1 kg of potatoes
150 g of white flour
1 egg
50 g of butter
50 g parmesan cheese
100 g of fresh FTB Branzi (60 days)
40 g of cream
Salt, pepper

In a saucepan in a double boiler, melt the FTB Branzi diced and the cream. When the mixture is well blended, withdraw it in a container and cool it, once cold roll it into balls.
Meanwhile, cook the potatoes and prepare the dough for dumplings with egg and flour.
When the dough is ready, roll it out with a mold to form the disks where we will put FTB Branzi fondue and we’ll roll up the whole.
Once ready, cook them in boiling water, when they come to the surface, drain them and toss them with melted butter and Parmesan.

Fudge cake with potatoes and Branzi FTB stravecchio (15 months)

Serves 6
500 g of potatoes
500 g of FTB Branzi stravecchio (15 months)
1 sliced onion

Brown the onion in a nonstick pan with a little oil, add the potatoes cut into cubes and cook adding a little ‘of water. When the water is completely absorbed, add the cheese and mix well with FTB Branzi. Then let a crust make, first on one side and then on the other.
Serve the cake warm accompanied by salad and grilled polenta.

Ezio Gritti

Chef Ezio Gritti
di “Osteria di via Solata”

Almost a cake
Branzi FTB fresh and aged
in two amounts with figs,
vanilla-coffee sauce

Serves 4
300 g of FTB Branzi seasoned 18 months
300 g of Branzi FTB 60 days
2 egg whites
2 egg yolks
2 dl of milk,
2 espresso
30 g brown sugar
13 vanilla bean Papua

Grate the FTB Branzi extravecchio with a classical mandolin. With the help of baking paper lay the FTB Branzi grated shaping rectangular for a total of 16 pods.
Bake at 150 ° for four minutes. When cooked and still hot, with a knife cut out the waffle for the desired size by removing burrs side. Melt in a water bath the cooler FTB Branzi. Whisk the steady two egg whites, add them to the FTB Branzi fondue previously cooled taking care to always mix from top to bottom.
We get a mousse that will keep in the refrigerator. Whiten the egg yolks with sugar whipping vigorously. Add the milk boiled flavored previously with the vanilla and coffee. Pull this cream on fire low intensity, to the point “of the Rose”. Let it cool.

The dish composition
Mount the cake alternating fresh waffles with the mousse soft.
Pull the coffee cream and finish each plate with a peeled and fresh fig, at room temperature. Serve immediately.

Paolo Frosio

Chef Paolo Frosio
di “Frosio Ristoranti”

Cream horn with cabbage and Branzi FTB
with buckwheat dough
potatoes cream
and bracca black truffle

Serves 4
8 cabbage leaves scalded and chopped
in half
2 hg of pasta of wheat flour
100 cl of bechamel
100 g of diced FTB Branzi
50 cl of cream potatoes
20 g of Bracca black truffle
50 g of butter
50 g parmesan
4 fresh figs honeyed

Cook the cabbage in salted water, cool it and spread it on a plane.
Fill it with stuffing made of bechamel and fresh FTB Branzi cheese (like fondue).
Roll out the dough by hand cut like pappardelle and cook IT in salt water.
Wrap the rolls with the dough and warm it in oven for about 4 minutes.
Place in the pot with cream under the hot potato, a little ‘of parmesan and baked butter.
Finally truffle slices and serve.

Fabrizio Ferrari

Chef Fabrizio Ferrari
di “Roofgarden Restaurant”

Variations on FTB Branzi
the plate is made of different elements,
all based on Branzi FTB

Mousse Branzi FTB
Simmer 1 liter of fresh milk with 300 g of FTB Branzi average seasoning;
then kept it off the heat to infuse for 45 minutes, then strain and let it cool. Place in the siphon with the addition of 14 liter of fresh cream, load a CO2 capsule, let it stand in the refrigerator for an hour before serving and siphon in small glass containers (with these doses, you will get about 20 cups).

Pudding “gobbo” thistle
Cook the thistle in about 500 g in salted water, add the juice of half lemon, 20 g of flour emulsified in 1.2 dl of olive oil, drain and season all in a pan with olive oil and very little white onion until to obtain a sort of puree. Then add 250 g of aged FTB Branzi grated, 6 egg whites, a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well everything. Divide the dough into about 15 silicone molds and bake it dry in a water bath for 1 hour and a half to 110°. Remove from the oven, let them cool and remove them from the molds.

“Sciatt” of Branzi FTB
Obtain some cubes with the size of a walnut about 500 g of fresh FTB Branzi;
meanwhile, prepare the batter “sciatt” with 100 g of corn meal, 1 dl of beer and 20 g of white flour.
Heat 2 liters of sunflower oil up to reach the temperature of 170 ° and fry the “sciatt” in the following way: with the aid of a toothpick stuck a cube of cheese at a time, dip it in batter, soak it in the oil and let it until lightly colored; then drain it on absorbent paper and keep it warm. The advice is to fry a few sciatt at a time so you can control them (to avoid burning).

Arrange on plates big enough for sea asparagus, fried earlier, one sciatt for each dish and a side glass of mousse FTB Branzi. Finally put the pudding “gobbo” thistle and FTB Branzi. If you wish, you may complete the dish with a cold fondue FTB Branzi, obtained by blending about 100 g of cheese with 14 of a liter of fresh milk and filter everything with a fine strainer.

Chicco Coria

Chef Chicco Coria
di “Antico Ristorante del Moro”

Truffle pods with “Formai de Mut”
stuffed cottage cheese and vegetables

Serves 4
100 g of “Formai de Mut”
100 g ricotta
100 g of vegetable Brunoise
20 g of extra virgin olive oil
4 g of salt and pepper
10 g of chopped pistachios
20 g black truffle
2 g of chervil
100 g of mixed
100 g small tomatoes

Grate Formai de Mut. Heat a non-stick aluminum pan and sprinkle the bottom with grated cheese. Leave on the heat until melted and while still warm, give him the form of a cannoli.
In a non-stick aluminum pan heat the vegetables with a little extra virgin olive oil.
In a bowl of steel, whisk the ricotta with vegetables. Add the truffle and the chopped pistachios. Season with salt and pepper. Fill with ricotta and garnish with chervil.
Serve on a bed of tomatoes and salad seasoned to taste.

Ravioli stuffed with Branzi FTB cheese aged 15 months, with butter and honey

Serves 4
120 g of fresh pasta
120 g of Branzi FTB cheese (15 months)
20 g of bread from sandwich
20 g of butter
10 g of honey
1 g of thyme
10 g parmesan

Grate the cheese and the bread. Mix with egg yolk. Roll out the thin dough and make some balls with cheese. Assemble the ravioli and cook them in salted water.
In a skillet, melt the butter with the honey and chilli. Pour the ravioli in the pan and stir in the Parmesan and thyme.

Francesco Gotti

Chef Francesco Gotti
di “Bobadilla Feeling Club, Dalmine”

Tiramisù typical from the Bergamo pastures soft goat cheese, cookie with buckwheat, olives paté and Branzi FTB cheese

Serves 4
For the biscuit:
35 g whole egg
45 g egg yolk
25 g buckwheat flour
70 g egg whites
10 g sugar
70 g almond flour
25 g seasoned FTB Branzi cheese
30 g chopped black olives
20 g of butter

For the cream:
50 g egg yolk
30 g seasoned FTB Branzi cheese
35 g milk
5 g agar agar
70 g mascarpone
45 g fresh FTB Branzi cheese
90 g whipped cream

For the biscuit:
Whisk 35 g of whole egg and 45 g of egg yolk with 25 g of buckwheat flour.
Add 70 g of egg whites whipped with 10 g of sugar. Add to the mixture 70 g of almond flour, 25 g of seasoned FTB Branzi cheese and 30 g of chopped olives.
Stir in 20 g of melted butter and cook the entire mixture in the oven for 10 minutes at 220 degrees.

For the cream:
Whisk 50 g of egg yolk with 30 g of seasoned Branzi FTB. Add 25 grams of boiling milk. Bring the mixture to 85 degrees, incorporate 5 g of agar agar, 70 g of mascarpone and 45 g of fresh Branzi FTB.
Combine 90 g of whipped cream. In a glass stratify repeatedly the biscuit, the mascarpone cream and the olives.
The last layer has to be dusted with powdered dehydrated eggplant and dried mushrooms.

Agnese Midali

Ricetta della nonna riproposta dalla figlia Agnese Midali, Branzi

Polenta taragna and rolls with cream granny Cristina’s recipe

Serves 4
For rolls with cream:
45 sliced pork loin
45 sliced breast of veal
1 liter fresh cream
nut granular
1 cup white wine
Bacon thinly sliced
Grass, sage, butter and oil

For the polenta taragna:
2 liters of water
300 g maize flour (integral)
200 g seasoned FTB Branzi (180 days), diced
600 g fresh FTB Branzi (60 days), diced
A handful of salt

For the rolls
Spread a slice of bacon and a sage leaf on each slice of meat (if you prefer you can also put it out). Roll up to make a roll that we’ll make with a wooden stick. Fry the rolls with oil and butter then pour over the white wine cup and let it evaporate, then add a little scoop of nut granular (or a normal nut) with a ladle plenty of hot water. Cook over low heat. When the water will be evaporated gradually add the cream, taking care to make it thicken before adding more. Cook slowly until the end (4050 minutes). Season with salt, then add a squeeze of lemon. Stir and serve it hot on the polenta taragna.

For the polenta taragna
Heat the water in the pot, add salt before it begins to boil.
When it boils turn off the heat and add the flour, stirring with a whip so that no lumps are formed, relight the fire. Cook for 5060 minutes stirring often with a wooden (electric kettle) stick (spoon). When cooked, add at first the seasoned Branzi FTB cheese, mix well then the fresh FTB Branzi.
Mix a little bit more and serve in a deep dish with above 2 rolls with a scoop of cream sauce that in the meantime you’ve prepared separately.