Welcome to the discovery of our Baita

A Baita that offers to the visitor the best among the local food production, a full service restaurant with fresh products and selected from local businesses, and an important point for tourism information: with books and local newspapers; a meeting point between the saperi e sapori Brembani (knowledge and tastes from Valle Brembana), an area rich of history, culture and traditions.

The shop

From the Royal Cheeses of the Orobian Mountains (Agrì Valtorta Slow Food Presidium, Bitto Storico Slow Food Presidium, FTB Branzi, Formai de Mut from the Alta Val Brembana DOP, Formaggi di capra orobica, Stracchino all’antica delle Valli Orobiche Slow Food Presidium, Strachìtunt DOP) dairy excellence of our territory, to the gorgonzola goat aged in rose petals and berries, passing through all the delicious products of the dairy Branzi (butter, puddings, panna cotta, yogurt, botticello...).
Here you’ll find a meeting point between the summer productions of the hard work in the mountain pastures, including the Mascherpa d’Alpe and the Formai de Mut, and the fresh products of tradition.
We can not miss the products of small and medium-sized local farms: sausage, jams, honey, sauces, polenta flour, bread sticks, mushrooms.
We give particular attention to the choice of the winery: craft beers, bitters, grappa and a precise selection of wine labels justified primarily by the company's history as well as the quality of the product.

Le casere in cucina

You have to remind too that the Baita dei saperi e dei sapori Brembani becomes also a cooking workshop through to make tourists and inhabitants of the valley or Bergamo curious discover or rediscover the flavours of the region with dishes prepared in a modern way.
We prepare tasting combinations designed to enhance the taste of the product and to enhance the experience and the effort of those who work in our mountains.

Our philosophy

Good, beautiful, true

We alternate the meals with the seasons and the availability of our farmers to always give you the best quality.
Our products come from ethical mountain agriculture.
The milk is milked from 70 farms in these valleys.

We breed the original “Bruna alpina” and “Capra (oat) orobica”, pigs, Pecora (sheep) bergamasca and donkeys; all are bred in the wild and in respect of animals.
We have a vegetable garden in the mountains where we grow soft fruits, the vegetables and the flowers that you’ll find on our meals.
Waste is our enemy, because to waste the food is a shame.

The “bergamino” menù

From monday to friday (with fixed cost)

Appetizer + main or second course + glass of wine o selected drink Bracca 12 €

Appetizer + second with polenta taragna orobica + glass of wine o selected drink Bracca 15 €

Appetizer + main + second course + glass of wine o selected drink Bracca 22 €

Coffee (Cógoma) 1,50 €

Cover charge (including water and bread) 1,50 €

The “baita” menù

Every day you can choose among three main courses and three second courses

Appetizer panoramic with orobic cold cuts and cheeses 12 €

Appetizer panoramic with orobic cold cuts, cheeses and warm gourmets made by us
14 € / person, minimum two people

Main courses 8,50 €

Second courses 12 €

Second courses with polenta taragna orobica 15 €

Tasting of Royal cheeses of the Orobian Mountains 19 €

"Tri bocù"

Meeting place of the Orobian cultural tradition with the history of dairy production, the Baita dei saperi e dei sapori offers matching between the excellence of this area. Seasonal products, meats and cheeses of small local farms, homemade pastries and a winery of selected wines primarily by the company's history as well as the quality of the product. Great place to learn or rediscover the taste of excellence, to enjoyed with a short break aperitif.


Bocù di Formai de Mut dell’alta Valle Brembana D.O.P.
Bocù di Branzi FTB
Bocù di Stracchino all’antica delle Valli Orobiche
Bocù di Strachitunt D.O.P.
Bocù de Cavra (formaggi di capra al banco)
Bocù di Mozzarella artigianale (stagionale)
Bocù di Bésse di Brans
Bocù di Zola malghese
Bocù di Gèss
Bocù di Mascherpa

Cold cuts

Bocù di Bresaolina orobica del Corticelli
Bocù di Lardo della Val Taleggio
Bocù di Salame montanaro
Bocù di Crudo di montagna
Bocù di Cacciatore della Val Taleggio o Val Serina
Bocù di Coppa di montagna
Bocù di Pancetta della Val Taleggio


Bocù di giardiniera
Bocù di castagne allo sciroppo

Our winery: wines

“Il Calepino” farm

Il Calepino Rosso (Red)
Made from grapes of Merlot and Cabernet Souvignon, harvest 12.5% vol.

Il Calepino Bianco (White)
Made from grapes of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Bianco, harvest 12.5% vol.

Il Calepino Kalos
Cabernet Souvignon from Bergamo territory, harvest 14.5% vol.

“Tenuta Vinea” Farm

Red wine with fruity notes of cherries, harvest 13% vol.

“Casa Virginia” farm

L'oro del Diavolo
Made by grapes of Chardonnay 90% and Pinot grigio 10%, harvest 13% vol.

Il serpente con la cresta
Made by grapes of Chardonnay 90% and Pinot grigio 10%, harvest 13% vol.

Il castello della regina
Made by grapes of Merlot 55% and Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, harvest 13% vol.

Il drago di Santa Brigida
Made by grapes of Merlot 50% and Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, harvest 13.5% vol.

Il lupo e la volpe
Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 al 100%, harvest 12.5% vol.

Il violino
Made by grapes of Merlot 50% and Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, harvest 13.5% vol.

The beers

Craft beers: “La Via Priula”

“Blonde” 4,6% alc., Bohemian Pils style. In Bergamo dialect hop is called "Loertis". Clear, with greenish hues, the “Loertis” Beer has soft notes of malt when you drink it and a pleasant herbaceous bitter end. It is not re-fermented.

Amber beer with 4,9% alc. A.P.A style. It inspired to the elixir drink Bacio, produced in the early '900 by the pharmacist of San Pellegrino Terme Ermanno Bonapace, Giovann’s grandfather.
With floral and fruity notes, it has a dry and drinkable finish.

Fruit beer with 6.5% alc. Dubbel style with addition of blackberries in fruit. "Warm and enveloping as the embrace of the girlfriend (Morosa in italian)". La Morosa is soft and fragrant in the mouth and has a dry and harsh finish.
Easy to drink.

“Blonde” 9.5% alc. Tripel style. Spiced with the addition of "achillea millefoglie", an alpine herb from which the name of the beer. Soft and warm with balsamic notes in the central part, it has a dry and drinkable finish.

Black by 8.5% alc. Imperrial Stout style with hints of coffee, chocolate, caramel and licorice. Dedicated to the memory of Bruno Tassi known as "Camos". It is considered one of the 54 Great Beers of Italy by Slow Food for the year 2013.
Strong and generous.

Red by 7.5% alc. German style. It is a doppelbock, malty, toasted at the beginning of the tasting with a surprisingly dry, pleasant and drinkable finish. It is not re-fermented.

Corna Bianca
“Blonde” Wheat 5% alc. Blanche Style. A Belgian spiced beer with mint and juniper that grow on the Corna Bianca in Cornalba (Val Serina), a famous rock wall climbing. Cool, refreshing, summer and delicate on the palate.

“Blonde” 6% Saison Style with Saffron of the valley. Dry, intriguing, drinkable and with a blonde-gold color. Saffron gives its delicate fragrance on the nose and in an unexpected and surprising aftertaste.

Birra “Zago”: Taste Good

Wholegrain - Original tradition
Special wholegrain beer of malt barley. “Blonde” raw, unpasteurized and unfiltered, full of yeast and minerals, proteins and vitamins. 5.5% vol.

The raisins

Moscato di Scanzo
Precious raisin wine, full-bodied, rich and complex, gently sweet, harmonious and with an incredible persistence. 15% vol.

Wine full and important bodied, fantastic in combination with desserts. 16% vol.

Great dessert wine and unbeatable pairing with blue cheeses. 15% vol.

The distillates

Distilleria Zini

Amaro delle Orobie, digestive or aperitif with mountain herbs

Latteria di Branzi

Grappa or flavored liqueurs ideal for after-meal

Azienda Agricola Biava

Grappa Moscato di Scanzo or Giallo, fine and elegant grappa characterised by hints of Moscato di Scanzo


There are even cultural insights, with the publication of novels and books dedicated to the Brembana Valley, by authoritative studies centers and small local printers from the area that we intend to promote. Then tourism: distinctive brand of an area that has always welcomed thousands of visitors and athletes. For them (and for you) maps, calendars, free events, or splendid volumes collectibles.