Welcome in Valle Brembana

Welcome in the Brembana Valley where the blue sky and green meadows merge into a romantic atmosphere of peace and comfort.
A valley rich of history, culture, landscapes and charming flavors, a valley to discover where each season is a unique and very impressive spectacle of color!
Crossed by the ancient Via Mercatorum during the Lombardo-Veneto age, this area knows his heyday during the early '900. You’ll find corners of history that are intertwined with a gastronomic culture and tradition

Our story

More than half a century of the art of cheese-making

In 1953 Giacomo Midali, a cheese maker in Branzi, achieved the objective of producing a high quality cheese all year long, guaranteed by using the same traditional techniques as in the mountain pastures and the milk produced in the valley: he founded the Latteria Sociale Casearia in Branzi, which many small farmers joined and whose vats produced the first of that particular cheese that the dairy members called Branzi.

Continuing the tradition

For over fifty years, the milk from the stables of the Valle Brembana and the neighbouring areas, with its typical character due to the quality of the forages and pastures, has been collected every day and is still sent to the Latteria Sociale Casearia in Branzi, where it’s transformed after stringent tests.

The Latteria

In The Latteria Sociale Casearia in Branzi the cheese makers use the traditional working methods, albeit with different gears as proportionate to the large amount of milk that is processed each day.

Large steel tanks have replaced traditional “coldere” bell-shaped inverted; the curd is no longer broken by the sword and by the thorn, but by large rotary tools; the temperatures of heating and cooking are controlled by thermostats.

It is still the art of the master cheese makers, the only ones who can decide when the curd formed by the rennet has reached the right degree of homogeneousness and consistency for breaking down and when the curd is cooked to the right point to be liberated from the serum.

The Branzi

Branzi: a village and a cheese

The Branzi cheese, typical cheese from the same village of the Valle Brembana, shared for centuries with the Bitto Storicoand the Formai de Mut the area of production and sales, which is the historical Fair of St. Matthew, in Branzi, at the end of September where they were auctioned all forms produced on Alp. Over the years each cheese got different by flavor characteristics and machining. The FTB Branzi, produced with raw cow's whole milk, tastes sweet and delicate in the fresh version branded red, while the 6-month seasoning gives it a slightly spicy taste that is accentuated further with the maturing after 12 months of Stravecchio.


A Baita for you, for the Community and for the Valley Economy

The Dairy Branzi, now managed by the third generation of the Midali family, continues to pursue the historian goal combining traditional methods of working with modern tools.
We always believe in supporting the economy of our mountains and we have implemented the project of Baita dei saperi e dei sapori Brembani, where you can find the the Royal Cheeses of the Orobian Mountains and the dairy excellence of our valleys.